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  • Crispy Chicken Legs

    Crispy Chicken Legs

    Ready to get cooking? Skip To Recipe It is an unsatisfactory world, as the Mazés like to say. And as I sit here on my couch trying to not be at work anymore, which is right over there at the kitchen table, where the article draft I’m writing lies unfinished, where the other article I wrote…

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  • Eat Something

    Eat Something

    October started off well and then tanked spectacularly thanks to horrifically violent human conflict. So, let’s just eat whatever’s on hand and take care of ourselves, okay? All you need for this “recipe” is a spoon and the will to carry on.

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  • Apple Cider Cookies

    Apple Cider Cookies

    Ready to get cooking? Skip To Recipe Summer flipped off like a switch here in Texas. One minute it was apocalyptically hot and dry, the next it was raining, cooler, the sun slightly filtered. It’s still hot, but everything is gentler outside and the bugs and the birds and the flowers know it. They’re busy…

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  • Aqua de Valencia Cocktail

    Aqua de Valencia Cocktail

    How do you feed a dying toad? This and more unanswered questions, plus a recipe for Aqua de Valencia, a stiff, juicy, sunshiny cocktail to combat the summer blues.

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  • Citron Givré (no-churn lemon ice cream)

    Citron Givré (no-churn lemon ice cream)

    No-churn lemon ice cream for surviving life’s hilarities (and the hottest summer on record).

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  • Chilled Herby Green Bean Salad

    Chilled Herby Green Bean Salad

    How do you survive a soul-roasting summer? Avoid your oven and make cold herbaceous salads.

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  • Meyer Lemon Box Cake

    Meyer Lemon Box Cake

    On life-giving friendships and a pastry chef-approved box cake.

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  • Miso Brown Butter Spaghetti with Orange and Lemon

    Miso Brown Butter Spaghetti with Orange and Lemon

    Some thoughts on my recent trip to California, the abundance of East Bay lemons, and a simple, flavor-packed pasta recipe for one.

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  • Dragée Peanuts (caramelized chocolate covered nuts)

    Dragée Peanuts (caramelized chocolate covered nuts)

    Caramelized, chocolate covered nuts are fabulously tasty and easy to master once you conquer your fear of burning sugar. Let’s do this!

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